Monday, June 8, 2009

Daffodil Fun

What a nice surprise to receive a call from a colleague I hadn't seen in quite a while!

Heather White, M. Photog., had seen the write up about Daffodil Days in the newsletter and thought it would be fun to bring her children to the park for portraits in the flowers.

It is quite an honor to have such a talented photographer ask me to do a session for her. She has taken some time off from her business to raise Jasmine and Travis and is a really smart Mom. She knows how difficult it is to prepare herself and her kids for a portrait session and be the photographer at the same time. By the time everyone is ready, you want someone else to do the photography work. It is also my experience that children might listen better to someone other than "Mom" when you really want them to cooperate. I think our kids just learn to tune us out.

With all her experience, Heather realizes the importance of proper clothing selection and chose a beautiful light green for the children. It was the perfect color to compliment the surroundings.

So, after much scheduling difficulty, we finally headed out to the park on a beautiful afternoon to create the portraits. Jasmine and Travis have grown so much since I'd see them last and are becoming quite "mature". They did everything I asked and we had a great time exploring a variety of scenic spots.

Not only did I have a chance to photograph these two beautiful children, I had a nice time catching up. Thanks for thinking of me Heather and I really enjoyed visiting with you.

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